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Motion Time Lapse

Our view of the world generally only moves at one speed. That’s what makes time-lapse photography so amazing. We get to see hours, days or weeks pass in a fraction of the time that it ordinarily takes us to experience them. It’s a visual time machine. It’s also my theme for October.

A magic arm allows for lots of interesting angles atop the pocket dolly.

Leaves change colors. Snow falls. I’m going to shoot motion time lapses of it all using my newly acquired basic motion controller for my pocket dolly.

I used only practical lighting for this shot. Candles. Desk lamp. Christmas lights. Ceiling lights.

This first attempt came out with a couple little jitters because I stopped the camera, but not the dolly, to check exposure. Note to myself, ┬áheed infomercial legend Ron Popeil, “set it and forget it”.
If you have any requests for time lapse videos leave them in the comments below.