Aaron + Conci Bakker Wedding Highlights

Congratulations to Aaron & Conci! Their wedding took place at a beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills.

Motion Time Lapse

Our view of the world generally only moves at one speed. That’s what makes time-lapse photography so amazing. We get to see hours, days or weeks pass in a fraction of the time that it ordinarily takes us to experience them. It’s a visual time machine. It’s also my theme for October.

A magic arm allows for lots of interesting angles atop the pocket dolly.

Leaves change colors. Snow falls. I’m going to shoot motion time lapses of it all using my newly acquired basic motion controller for my pocket dolly.

I used only practical lighting for this shot. Candles. Desk lamp. Christmas lights. Ceiling lights.

This first attempt came out with a couple little jitters because I stopped the camera, but not the dolly, to check exposure. Note to myself, ¬†heed infomercial legend Ron Popeil, “set it and forget it”.
If you have any requests for time lapse videos leave them in the comments below.

Conci & Aaron Bakker Wedding

Conci & Aaron Bakker Wedding

Congratulations to Conci and Aaron Bakker! Married June 16th, 2012 at a beautiful location in Beverly Hills. (Photo taken from a timelapse sequence)

Afternoon in Manhattan

I love New York City. I love the bustling throngs of people from a thousand different cultures, the gritty labyrinth of train tunnels underneath the streets, soaring stone architecture, the lakes, tall omnivorous trees clawing at a blue sky that spills out over the Atlantic Ocean, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and just in the corner a French street band shouting and strumming as lights of skyscrapers, a million headlights flare in a bright operatic backdrop.

Art Gray Photography

This past week I experienced the good fortune of reconnecting with a wonderful photographer and friend, Art Gray. He specializes in architectural photography and working with him always turns into an adventure of visiting spectacular homes or cutting-edge industrial designs. Even though I grew up taking snapshots and a few photography courses, my education did not truly initiate until I worked with Art.

From him I learned how to bend, shape, bounce, diffuse light or how to make it disappear when it illuminated something undesirable like an incident angle or reflection. I also learned how to accept unchangeable situations. Like cloudy days.

However, on this particular job the gods of winter smiled on us as we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at a beach house in Malibu where we shot for the architecture and design group, Minarc, which consists  of an Icelandic husband and wife team (Tryggvi Thorsteinsson & Erla Dogg Ingjaldsdottir). At low tide, we paused for a moment as Art took some wonderful photos of their kids playing on the beach (see video). Look for the photos in magazines worldwide in 2012.

Even though I’m most passionate about video there’s always something to learn from professionals like Art who work in related fields. Treat every experience as an opportunity to absorb knowledge, hone skills and meet new people even if you’ve done it a hundred times before.


Strawberry Pie Video

Here’s a video I shot of Amy making a strawberry cream pie. It was delicious.

I used my Sony FS100 camera with a Nikon 60mm macro lens and a 45mm T/S to achieve some odd planes of focus. I used a picture profile that I’ve been developing as one that will record well straight out of the box with limited color correction in post. Lighting was fairly haphazard, because the kitchen is the size of a tiny bathroom I used an Arri 650 with a softbox as a key and an Arri 150 to add some contrast.

My favorite parts of this, which are not in the video, are of Karl eating things off the floor, Amy dancing, making faces and insisting that we do a tracking shot that ends with her eating the camera.